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JESLA™ is THE 40 amp J1772 portable charging solution.

  • JESLA™ charges up to 600% faster than your OEM charging cable
  • Adjustable amperage "up to 40 amps" at 240 volts, with a 50 amp/240 volt outlet.
  • Take advantage of 30 amp dryer outlets & common 120 volt wall outlets without overloading, using available adapters.
  • Super bright LED light makes it easy to connect in dark parking lots & garages.
  • The handy padlock will keep you charging in public places & protect your investment.
  • Works with any J1772 Electric Vehicle: 
  • Toyota Rav4EV,
  • Mercedes B Class,
  • BMW i3, 
  • Nissan Leaf, 
  • Chevy Volt,  
  • Toyota Prius, 
  • Smart Electric Drive, 
  • Honda Fit, 
  • Ford C-Max Energi,
  • and most other EV’s.

JLONG™ is aN EV extension cable that maintains all functional and safety protocols of the SAE J1772 charging system.

JLONG™ is the perfect companion for the JESLA™. It gets you charged when the inevitable happens:

  • Blocked EV charging station,
  • Need to reach Uncle Joe’s Dryer outlet,
  • Did a guest block your home charger

Custom lengths up to 50 feet,;

Flexible, lightweight, and durable;

Super strong T-60 aluminum socket handle;

GET the JLONG™ and get charged!




QUOTE from Harry: "Thank you for your excellent customer service. I am very satisfied with the JESLA. Please add me to the JdeMo list".

Quote from banshee 08: "Been using the cable a couple of days and I have to say this is really what every EV maker should be including. I returned my Leviton EVSE to Amazon and now using the JESLA at home and work. Really great portability!!!"

QUOTE from Charles in GA: "Got the package about an hour ago. Plugged it in and it's charging the LEAF just fine. I like the documentation too. Nicely done!"

The SAE J1772 50 Amp charging plug with any length of cable, up to 50 feet.

Join the rapidly growing list of Rav4EV owners ready for ChadeMo Charging.

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